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Public Resources

This page provides details and links to all of the publically accessible data, tools, and resoucres managed by the FLAME Project. It also links to other important archaometallurgical resources curated at the Research Lab in Oxford and further afield. It will be updated regularly over the next five years. Follow us on Wordpress, Twitter, and Facebook, or subscribe to our RSS feed to recieve updates on new additions to this list.

Ronald F. Tylecote examining a piece of metallurgical slag

The Tylecote Archive

This database contains brief details of the samples and documents in R. Tylecote's extensive metallurgical archive. These items are now curated by RLAHA and are accessible for further study by request

1843 illustration by Worsaee


Collated database of archaeological metalwork analyses from the British Bronze Age. Currently this resource is password protected, please contact us to get access.

Athenian coin depicting an owl

Oxford Archaeological Lead Isotope Database (OXALID)

Large database of lead isotope measurements from the records of the Isotrace laboratory (University of Oxford) between 1975–2002

Thomas Pownall

Historical Archaeometallurgical Database (OXHAD) Part I: 1690–1869

Collated and cross-referenced data from early publications the analysis of archaeological metalwork, with comments by A.M. Pollard and an associated bibliography (under construction).

Gui vessel, Image copyright The Trustees of the British Museum

RLAHA Chinese Metals Data

Collated OES data generated by RLAHA in the early 1960s relating to the analysis of archaeological metalwork from China