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Thomas Pownall 1722–1805Ernst von Bibra 1806–1878

Collated Analytical Data:
Historical Metallurgy 1790–1869


This file is the online supplement to Pollard A.M. (2016) The first hundred years of archaeometallurgical chemistry: Pownall (1775) to von Bibra (1869) in Historical Metallurgy

It contains transcriptions of the quantitative chemical analyses made on archaeological copper alloys published before (and including) 1869 (von Bibra). It is not a comprehensive collection of the material available, so please consult the bibliography for a more complete list of publications. Additional data and references will be published on this page as supplements to this file. We will post notifications of any major additions on our blog. Follow us for notifications or return to this page periodically for updates

Please check with the original publication before quoting any data from it. Many later authors re-published earlier data, with varying degrees of accuracy, and these have cross-checked where possible and any inconsistencies noted.

This work was updated in 2024, and the excel file now contains transcribed chemical data on archaeological copper alloys from 52 publications between Wiegleb 1777 and von Bibra in 1869. It contains several thousand analyses.The word table is an expanded list of publications of relevance to the archaeological study of copper mining and bronzes, starting from Theophilus in the 12th century and going through to von Bibra in 1869. If the publications contain chemical analyses of bronzes, the number of analyses is given, and the 52 papers transcribed in the excel file are highlighted.

Pollard, A.M. (2016). The first hundred years of archaeometallurgical chemistry: Pownall (1775) to von Bibra (1869). Historical Metallurgy 49(1) for 2015 (published 2016) 37–49.

(see also Pollard, A.M. (2020). Johann Christian Wiegleb and the first published chemical analyses of archaeological bronzes. Historical Metallurgy 52(1), 48-54 (2018) (published 2020), and data.)