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The European Research Council funded project FLAME's final conference, EMBERS2021, was held in early 2021, virtually to discuss not just Bronze Age metal but the wider context of space and time, human behaviour and creativity, and considerations of ‘value’.

The conference is now over, but some talks are still watchable below. Others are not available due to ongoing work. If you have any questions please contact the FLAME team.

Conference Schedule

Day 1 Day 2
Session 1 - Watch Link Session 5 -  Not Avaliable Online
Prof Mark Pollard Welcome Address, and FLAME update Dr Nathaniel Erb-Satullo The Golden Fleece Paradox: Big Data Approaches to Technological Loss and the Case of Caucasus Gold Metallurgy
Prof Liangren Zhang, Renjie Ma, A. A. Tishkin & S. P. Grushin  A New Picture of Bronze Age Metallurgy in the Russian Altai Dr Vana Orfanou, Caroline Bruyere &Barry Molloy Metal, form, know-how and ideas: tracing the making and shaping of transcultural object types in the Late Bronze Age Carpathian Basin 
Prof Wugan Luo From Elements to Elegance: Microstructure and Provenance Study of Some Ancient Chinese Bronze Artifacts Ms Boglárka Tóth, Béla Török & Péter Langó Byzantine Swords in the Medieval Carpathian Basin - Reflections on technology interaction regarding an examination of an iron sword with bronze guard
Dr Ji Zhang, Chen Jianli, He Hansheng, Wang Kefei & Tian Jianhua Scientific Research on the mould and bronze objects unearthed from the casting workshop of Sunjiacun Site in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu    
Session 2 - Watch Link Session 6 - Watch Link
Dr Anna Fedrigo, Carlo Cazzaniga & Antonella Scherillo Elemental analysis at the ISIS Neutron and Muon Source – results on a Chinese bimetallic sword fragment from 2nd-1st century BC Mr Steven Matthews & Peter Bray Archaeological Systematics and Early Metallurgy: Copper Chemical Space and Artefact Classification in the Study of the European Atlantic Bronze Age
Dr Hongyan Xiao & Cui Jianfeng Local cementation brass production during 11th-13th Century CE, China  Dr Marc Gener-Moret Technology, aesthetics and functionality on Iron Age weapons from the Iberian Peninsula
Prof Sergey V. Bogdanov Technologies of metallurgical production of the Bronze Age of the steppes of Northern Eurasia Ms Julia Montes-Landa, Enriqueta Pons; Marta Santos; Pere Castanyer; Joaquim Tremoleda & Marcos Martinón-Torres Mind the gap between the Greeks and their indigenous neighbours: Socioeconomic dynamics affecting tin bronze alloying technology in Iberia
Session 3 - Watch Link Session 7 - Watch Link
Dr Ivan Stepanov, Evgeny V. Vodyasov, Timur R. Sadykov, Evgeniya M. Asochakova, Olga V. Zaitceva & Ivan A. Blinov Iron metallurgy of the Xianbei period in Tuva, Southern Siberia Dr Betty Rame, Valentin Martin Producing metal jewellery during Aegean Prehistory:: a matter of innovation, continuity and discontinuity
Miss Ilaria Calgaro, Miljana Radivojević, Umberto Veronesi & Antonina Ermolaeva Copper smelting at Mid-Late Bronze Age Taldysai (central Kazakhstan): its place in the wider Eurasian metalmaking framework Dr Stephanie Aulsebrook Forging Society at Mycenae: An Introduction
Ms Saltanat Amirova, Marcos Martinón-Torres Saka-Scythian goldsmithing: evidence from Eleke Sazy and Shilikty burial complexes (Kazakhstan) Dr Tzilla Eshel, Yigal Erel, Naama Yahalom-Mack, Ofir Tirosh & Ayelet Gilboa Lead Isotopes in silver reveal developments in the Mediterranean metal trade during the Bronze and Iron Ages
Dr Mengyi Zhang The iron industry in Song China: a case study of Dabuzi iron smelting site in Guanzhong Plain  
Session 4 - Watch Link Session 8 - Watch Link
Prof Thomas Oliver Pryce 金継ぎ (kintsugi) as a metaphor for lead isotope archaeology in Southeast Asia Plenary Panel with Dr Justine Bayley, Prof. Mark Pollard,
Prof Marcos Martinón-Torres and Professor Vasiliki Kassianidou
Prof Sariel Shalev, Thitt Nyein, M. & Phoe La Min K.K. “FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS” Bells of Myanmar: Metal Composition and Technology.
Ms Mélissa Cadet  Copper smelting evidence at the Vilabouly Complex, a late prehistoric primary production site in Central Laos 

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