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The European Research Council funded project FLAME's final conference, EMBERS2021, seeks to discuss not just Bronze Age metal but the wider context of space and time, human behaviour and creativity, and considerations of ‘value’.

We encourage submissions from a wide variety of contributors, from historical and archaeological metallurgists to excavators, historians and economists.

EMBERS2021 will take place across two days (25th- & 26th March 2021), and will focus on concepts of a metal using world. These days will be structured as a chronological narrative through metallurgy and its impact on or from other technologies, innovations, and societies.

Due to unpredictability of COVID-19, our date change has meant we are no longer twining with the HMS Research in Progress Day, nor will the Public Outreach day be taking place. A small smelting demonstration may still occur.

The conference at present will be completely digital, and free for all attendees. For further details, please see our Covid-19 Mitigation page. If you have remaining questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Ethos of EMBERS2021 Covid-19 Mitigation Programme Conference Registration

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