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Due to unpredictability of COVID-19, there is some degree of flexibility in our plans. Our date change has meant we are no longer twining with the HMS Research in Progress Day, nor will the Public Outreach day be taking place. A small smelting demonstration may still occur.

The conference at present will be completely digital, though we are planning for a possible pivot to a partly physical event if possible. For further details, please see our Covid-19 Mitigation page. If you have remaining questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.


The European Research Council funded project FLAME's final conference, EMBERS2021, seeks to discuss not just Bronze Age metal but the wider context of space and time, human behaviour and creativity, and considerations of ‘value’. We encourage submissions from a wide variety of contributors, from historical and archaeological metallurgists to excavators, historians and economists. EMBERS2021 will take place across two days (25nd- & 26th March 2021), and will focus on concepts of a metal using world. These days will be structured as a chronological narrative through metallurgy and its impact on or from other technologies, innovations, and societies.

Places at the virtual conferences will be limited, due to workability of online platforms. There will be a small fee associated with registration to ensure places are allocated to those who are committed to attend. If this cost poses a barrier to your attendance, please contact our team.

Further Information

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Call for Papers

EMBERS2021 invites all papers on on the the wider framework of Eurasian metal and craft innovation, in the fields of metallurgy, other technologies, human behaviour and environmental change. We wish to create a narrative weaving the archaeological story from the beginning of metallurgical activity onwards, allowing complementary studies from later time periods and different aspects of metallurgy to contribute to, and influence our narrative, together with wider archaeometallurgical debates. As such, we invite papers from a wide variety of contributors.

Papers should be a maximum of 20 minutes in length, with some suggested topics as follows:

♦ Cross-craft interaction.
♦ The use of different materials in metal technology or vice versa.
♦ Experimental or recent approaches toward metallurgy.
♦ Reflections on periods of innovation.
♦ The effect of metal in ritual, burial, agricultural, and domestic contexts.
♦ The effect of mining or metallurgical activity on the landscape.

The conference will be virtual, with speakers having the option to prerecord their talks and only answer questions live. There is a potential plan to pivot to a partially physical conference. For further details on this, see our ‘Covid-19 Mitigation’ page.

Those interested in presenting a paper or submitting a poster should submit an abstract of no more than 350 words by Tuesday, 1st December 2020.

We look forward to virtually welcoming you to Oxford.

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